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Energy IntuitionMentoring

Mentoring is a year long immersion into your sacred gift of intuition.

• Have you ever wondered what your daily life would be like having greater access to your intuition?
• Have you felt called to help others find greater clarity in their life?
• Do you have a sense that the relationship you have with yourself determines how life shows up for you?
• Are you ready to go deeper?
• Year-long mentoring begins in January.

Applications for 2021 Mentor Class accepted now!

If these questions stir you, Jessica’s year-long mentorship offers the opportunity to uncover your own intuitive healing abilities. In this program students will hone their natural gifts and learn to express their own unique way of using those gifts. They will also gain practical experience and confidence in using and refining intuition and allowing it to benefit others.

This will be a year of personal growth, with opportunities to work with others in a hands-on capacity and to deepen your relationship with the intuitive world. You will see transformation all areas of your life in the most amazing and beautiful ways!

Who is this program for?
• Healers of all disciplines
• Anyone interested in personal growth and development
• Anyone curious about Energy Medicine and it’s application in a personal or professional setting

(No prior experience needed)

One Saturday per month with a year commitment required
Tuition is $4,200 year (Can be paid in full or at $350/month)


Jessica Ryan is blessed with many beautiful gifts, that create sacred space for your personal healing journey. Jessica's intuition, wisdom and insight are spot-on. Jessica creates an intentional space within circle to allow great depths for your personal exploration, healing and growth. I am so grateful I listened to my intuition and chose to go deep into this year of Intuitive Mentorship. It has truly been transformitive. So much love and light!
M. Gorman, RN - Monroe, WA

I chose to take Jessica's class because I had arrived at a place in my personal development where taking the class would push me to the next level of growth, intuition and self-love.  The class has absolutely delivered all of these things and more.  I did not expect the dramatic level of personal growth that would come from being Jessica's student. Thanks to Jessica, my classmates and my willingness to participate in the class, my life today is completely different than the life I had when I started the class.  I am grateful to Jessica for her thoughtful lessons and guidance, am grateful to the women I share class space with and am proud of myself for being brave enough to say Yes to the class.  Also it is important to note that I would not have taken this class if Jessica wasn't the teacher - I align with her beliefs about energy work, personal development, and life. I believe that having the right teacher is paramount to achieving my goals and Jessica is the right teacher for me. If you are interested in up-leveling your life, your intuition and your understanding of energy work in a positive and supportive environment, then Jessica's class is for you.  
Mary O'Neill LM, CPM

I's so grateful I leaped and said yes to this year long experience. I knew this year would be about much more than Reiki but wow have I grown and witnessed so much growth from my classmates. I truly cannot put into words the amazing abilities Jessica has not only as a facilitator but also as an intuitive, empathic healer. Each month had a beautiful theme that was absolutely perfect and fitting for where everyone was at currently in their lives. I've learned so much about myself and especially how to tap in to my intuition and recognize that vulnerability is power. I am beyond grateful for this experience and would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested!
A. Ertel, Birth Assistant/Doula 

I've had a lot of trouble finding the words to express the subtle and powerful nature of this work. Struggling with grief, I wasn't sure if I could 'show up' as they say.  But attending the class forced me to show up to myself first (which we absolutely must do) in a supportive and accepting environment.  It was here, in this space, that I discovered a mirror and fellow travelers whose light kept reflecting back on each other our own divinity.  Where else is that possible?
K. Bartholemew, RN

I am a coach and a facilitator. I’ve worked with Jessica for a long time and wanted to learn to bring more intuition into the work I was doing with parents. The mentorship served to be the perfect vehicle for that! I deepened my understanding of chakra energy, developed my intuitive muscles, and strengthened my trust in myself. Now, when I am present with clients, I am better able to feel into what is needed, what is being said energetically, and show up for them with more authenticity and openness. The mentorship taught me to hold space in a way that releases my own internal baggage, to make room for what is coming up for my clients. So grateful to have had the chance to be a yes to all Jessica has to offer!!
Casey O.

I have been so honored to be a part of Jessica’s 1st year mentorship program! It is amazing to me how much I have learned this year and how much I have grown both personally and intuitively through this process.
Patty G.

This class has created a safe, non-judgemental space to explore and practice my intuition. All the participants in the class were very supportive and encouraging.  And Jessica is gentle and loving in her teaching and suggestions and corrections. 
The class has been a great avenue to connect to myself deeper self and to more clearly know and understand my gifts. 
Rebecca M.

Jessica's mentor program has had such a positive impact on my life. Every month I have new insights and truly enjoy the compassionate and challenging lessons. She is so gifted at guiding us to tap into our own intuitive abilities. I am thankful that she provides a safe space for self exploration and I always leave class feeling more clear and confident in my healing. It is truly a wonderful and life changing program. 

Experiencing Jessica's presence and gifts during her mentorship program has been profound. Each month I anticipate being guided, seen, and supported by Jessica as my relationship with myself and my intuition expands. Each month, I leave feeling refreshed, having experienced important shifts, and more aware of what is coming up for me to continue to move into both on my own healing journey and as a practitioner of the healing arts. I am so grateful for the alignment that drew me to Jessica, the intuition she had to invite me to join this group, and for the opportunity to get more acquainted with my deeper knowing with such a beautiful soul.

Jessica is an honest and straightforward teacher while being incredibly kind and gentle.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for her class, but I knew it was something I needed to explore for myself.  I have gained so much insight and clarity on who I am, and continue to gain confidence in myself and my capabilities as an intuitive.  I am looking forward to working with her for a 2nd year as the first six months has already had such a positive impact on me.
Corena C.