Jessica Y. Persons, Energy Intuitive, Reiki Master




Jessica Y. PersonsAbout Jessica

Jessica’s journey into the healing world began at a very young age, when after losing her father, she found herself asking some very tough questions about life and death. She quickly noticed that there were many “answers” to be found, and yet knew intuitively that the deep questions she was seeking answers to were really only found within herself.

That lead Jessica, over the past fifteen years, into the depths of her psyche through various modalities of healing work, including soul work, therapy, groups, mentoring classes and books. Jessica’s passion for learning and self-discovery drives her to lean into places that perhaps would seem daunting to some. Yet she feels that the “only way out is through”. Jessica’s early signs of intuitive seeing have only become more refined and available as she continues to open herself up to the divine and self love.

• Graduate of Marie Manuchehri’s 2 year Energy Intuitive mentor program
• Member of the International Association for Reiki Professionals
• Reiki Master level certification (2011)
• Mindfulness Mentorship with Matt Licata, Phd
• Annual retreats with Dr. Lawrence Conlan, transformation coach
• Bachelor's Degree in Community Health Education | Central WA University (1998)

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