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Heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to be of service. Here are what a few of my clients are saying about our work together...

Jessica helped me through a painful grief process. She introduced me to many new tools and a new outlook in walking through my grief.  With these new methods I have been able to acknowledge and move through my healing process.  I cannot thank Jessica enough for what she has done for me.
P. Forster | Ellensburg, WA

I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to connect with Jessica for guidance on a spiritual/soul level. Jessica embodies warmth, grace, empathy, and flow as she taps into her divine intuition to provide attainable and applicable nuggets of wisdom. Her calming energy is inspiring, and I always finish a session with new tools to integrate the magic of her work.
Christine D. | Boulder, CO

I have been seeing Jessica myself as a client for a couple of years now. Every session has been life altering. I have experienced many layers of peace, clarity, personal and spiritual growth. I have brought each of my two children to her as well. I made an appointment for my 7 year old boy this past week to help him with what seemed to be some pent up emotions and frustrations between him and his older sister. Jessica possesses many gifts. Working with and communicating with children is one of them. Her nature is gentle, patient, playful and supportive. My son felt completely at ease with her. He was able to express himself clearly when asked questions and he felt completely relaxed with the hands on work. 

I love receiving Jessica's healing for myself but I have to admit it is kind of magical to witness her beautiful energy, as well as how peaceful and at ease my son was while receiving. I feel extremely blessed to have this  beautifully, gifted healer in our lives! What a blessing to be able to share this healing modality with my young but very wise spirited children. As I sat next to my son, with my heart fully smiling, I couldn't help but think this gift that he is experiencing is truly "Therapy for the soul!" So much Love and Gratitude.
Michelle Gorman

You saw my pain before I could tell you about it. When you told me what you saw, the tears came before I could even think about crying. The wet eyes, the choking up, it was an automatic response to the truth of what you had seen and said. I had told you nothing. There weren't any clues lying around on the web, barely anybody knew. HOW DID YOU KNOW? This is the moment I knew you were safe, that you were good and could be trusted.

You were doing what you do. You love people by seeing them, except your seeing goes deep. Seeing you in your element, I feel God, which is funny and goes against everything I was taught, growing up Christian Fundamentalist. I've been very afraid of "energy," "Intuition," "Reiki," or "chakras." But you! Love people so hard, so well, so deeply. You are good, through and through. You have given me words that brought life and healing. I'm incredibly grateful for you and I love who you are. Thank you for loving me so well.
A. Atkins, ND

I have been seeing Jessica Ryan for almost two years. I was referred to her after experiencing a traumatic event in my life, which has encompassed deep layers of grief. Jessica creates a safe container full of love, compassion, clarity, and insight. Her strong intuitive abilities accompany these qualities. The combination has provided upmost support for the enfoldment of my healing process in mind, body, and soul.
Kylee Gies

Jessica, You are the real deal. Your gift is inspiring. Thank you with all of my heart.

I was very comfortable talking with you, and listening to your insights. Your energy is very even, very grounded, and very pleasant. It's always so nice being around people who are doing what they love, and doing it well. Thank you.

Jessica is a highly intuitive practitioner and has helped me heal from body traumas similar to my EMDR work. I finally feel like I am back to my old self before the traumas. She is highly skilled and a great professional all around. She is one of the best I have ever worked with and I have worked in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years in NYC and Boston. I would highly recommend her.

I sought Jess for relationship advice after having recently ended a dysfunctional one. She had never met my ex but was able to tell me things about him and our relationship and especially how it affected me in ways I hadn't even been able to put into words. But she was so right about all of it that when I started a new relationship I sought her out again. She offered guidance on how I could best navigate and cultivate a budding romance into something wonderful and meaningful, and predicted moments of our relationship that were amazingly accurate as things have unfolded. I am so grateful for her guidance and wisdom because it has helped me be a part of the best relationship of my life. 
L. Soli | San Mateo, CA

Jessica has helped me on my journey to find self-love and be more open to accepting love from others. I was resistant to the idea of energy healing at first, but Jessica took that into consideration and met me where I was. We started with a brief discussion, after which she recommended some articles and books to read and suggested a few guided meditation ideas. The next time I saw her, she really challenged me to look deeper at why I was dismissing the idea of looking for a serious relationship and urged me to expand my vision of my ideal partner. Since then, Jessica has continued to support and encourage me. Most of our sessions have been over the phone, but even from afar she is more in-tune with what I'm feeling than probably anyone else I have met.
M.S. | CO

Since I met Jessica eight years ago her grounding and calming energy have served as a touchstone for me even before we started working together. I’ve been receiving sessions from Jessica for several months and I’ve noticed a subtle, yet distinct shift in my outlook and energy. I find that I am more accepting and loving of myself to the point that I finally “came out”, something I had been uncomfortable with for over 30 years. I find that when I’m in an “uncomfortable” situation, instead of contracting away from the situation with my thinking or even physically pulling away, that I’m often breathing into expansion, saying “yes” to the moment, and being more present in the moment - breathing into whatever emotional “pain” may be there and feeling it dissipate as I recognize it and am present with it. I’m feeling a greater sense of connection. Our sessions are given remotely over the phone and I love how powerfully and effectively I feel the vibration when Jessica is toning to clear and balance my energy.
Heidi J. | Draper, UT

It's been almost a year since I came for a session referred by my daughter, Brielle. You said you could tell I had done a lot of personal work, and when I got on the table and you read my first chakra, Dr. Lawrence Conlan's workshop showed up. Not until a week ago was it possible for me to attend the three day retreat/workshop and the day following (in Portland). I want you to know how grateful I am for this recommendation. You/your guides were impeccably accurate. To say I have benefited greatly from those four days, doesn't begin to describe the profound impact it had on me. I left with a number of tools to use in my daily practice and resources to draw upon in the future. I also heeded your suggestion to leave Arizona. My husband and I are now back in the PNW. As you may already know, Brielle is pregnant, and I couldn't be that far away during this first year. Who knows, it may turn into our permanent residence.

Thank you, Jessica for who you are and the gifts you offer the world. Thank you for all you have given me.
In loving kindness, Anita

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful, beautiful, and educational session today. It really touched me in so many amazing ways and having that connection to my dad again was priceless. And when I left, I felt the weirdest feeling…a sense of calm, peace and ease inside my whole body and most notably in my chest and belly. I’m so used to feeling tension and stress that I didn’t recognize what calm was…that’s why I said weird! :) I’ve never really felt that much peace inside of me before. So, thank you for doing the work you do and for working with me. You are a beautiful, genuine and talented soul! Can’t wait to come back!
CK | Redmond, WA

I have had the pleasure of receiving Reiki treatments from Jessica on a couple of occasions. Jessica has a true gift of getting to the core of the problem, physically, mentally and spiritually. Jessica answered questions I did not even think to ask. I left feeling my mind, body and soul had been reconnected.
Laurie L. | Vashon Island, WA

I am grateful for your help today. I feel so much more grounded and peaceful. The exercises you gave me are great. They will be very useful. Thank you.
Nancy F. | Seattle, WA

I am feeling like my old self today. Relaxed, clear and getting lists of work done, although I came in late and ran out for lunch! This is more like the life I want to lead. Thanks for your work!
Katie D. | Kirkland, WA

I have a lot of old patterns and beliefs that I have hung onto over the years. Working with Jessica has allowed me to begin to write a new story for who I am and what I am capable of doing. When she works on me, I feel a deep sense of connection and compassion coming from her. I am exposed and she makes me feel safe.
Casey O. | Monroe, WA

I began seeing Jessica because of a health condition. I was hoping that her energy work would help my body heal itself (my alternative was surgery). I had no idea that my body would not only heal in many places, but that I would become a better self, wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. because of the work I have done with her. Jessica has taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible. Her love and passion for guiding others to true self is evident in every session. Thank you, Jessica for giving me the gift of self-love. I will be forever grateful.
Micki P. | Monroe, WA

Jessica has a warm and healing energy. Her grounding presence, warmth, and generosity always make me feel lighter, clearer, and calmer after our sessions. I always leave with a clear purpose and plan to help me on my path. Jessica is a true healer - one who helps empower her clients to heal themselves - and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to see her.
KD, | Seattle, WA

I started seeing Jessica about two years ago. She has helped in so many aspects of my journey to self-awareness and healing. Her intuition is amazing and I feel so calm and balanced after a session with her. Jessica truly has influenced my life in such a positive way. She's helped through some very big life decisions and I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity to receive such wonderful care and wisdom from her.
Courtney M. | Duvall, WA